This course has been created to upload final exams for Wireless students 2019 - 2020

Overview of Satellite Communication Systems, Orbits and Launching Methods,   Space Segment, Earth  Segment, Baseband Signals and Modulation, Space Link, Satellite Networks, Mobile Satellite Systems, Very Small Aperture Terminal  (VSAT) Systems, Reliability of satellite systems.
Transmission line and microwave performance parameters (SWR, input impedance, matching), microwave network characterization, antenna system performance, passive and active devices,microwave transceivers, receiver noise calculation, Examples of microwave communication systems.
Cellular concept system design fundamentals,  Multiple Access Techniques, Spectrum, Access Techniques, Mobile radio propagation, Antennas, Transceivers, Modulation techniques, Diversity and channel coding, Mobile Communication Generations ( from GSM to LTE and beyond)

Near field communication: system communication concepts, system types, RFID  technology, applications for tracking, applications in ITS.