5G technology from the performance point of view by illustrating 5G network capabilities to the operators and to the end users in terms of throughput, capacity, coverage, energy efficiency, connectivity, and latency.

5G networks need to fulfill a number of new performance targets since they target diverse use cases that can be categorized into three different areas:

•         Extreme mobile broadband (eMBB) for high data rates and capacity for smartphones, tablets, and laptops. That is the traditional use case of mobile broadband networks.

•         Massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) for tens of billions of connected devices like sensors and control units. 

This project focuses on developing a guide for ethical hackers. This guide is used to bypass operating system protection. The main target for this project is to develop framework that contains several tools/methods used to attack most famous operating system.

Digital transformation (DX) is the usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to manage business, activities and services, also to process and analyze data,  in a secure environment.

The benefits of digital transformation include reduced costs, improved productivity, and creation of new value for consumers and shareholders.

Egyptian Government gives DX more interesting in 2030 strategy to develop Smart government services and Smart Society Services.

This project focus on how to apply DX and Smart Cities in the Egyptian Society by using of modern Technologies like: Internet of Things, Mobile Smart phones and its networks, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Broadband Connectivity, and Security.