Fundamentals of project management, preparing project plan, software life cycle, sizing and estimation, project risk assessment, scheduling tasks, tracking technical activities, critical resources, schedule tracking, task assignment and activities, project risk tracking, Milestones review.  Lab: case study with software tool .

Networks Classifications- Information Flow and Representation, Basic Requirements for Interoperability between Equipment, The Open System Interconnect Reference Model, Error Control Techniques, Access Control Techniques, Switching Techniques, Flow Control Techniques, Routing Techniques, Elements of Queuing theory, Capacity Assignment Problem, Internet, IP Protocol,TCP Protocol.

Digital transmission through band-limited channels, PDH, SDH, OFDM, Introduction to MIMO system and space-time coding. Wireless channel characteristics, Link budget calculations, Microwave network planning, VSAT system overview, Optical communication system overview. Telecommunication network management

Switching Techniques in Public Networks, Public Switched Telephone Network, Numbering Plan (E.164), Signaling Techniques and Systems, Signaling System Number 7(SS7), SS7 Transport  over IP Networks (SIGTRAN), Intelligent Networks, Evolution of Digital PBX (IP enabled PBX and IP PBX), Call Centers, Introduction to IP Telephony, VoIP, H.323 and related protocols, unified communication.